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By booking service through our online booking tool or over the phone, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions of Service:

Updated Feb 2024

  1.  Recurring House Cleaning – Your recurring service (after the first cleaning visit) is flat-rated at a reduced rate based on the frequency, the details, and the rooms selected. Anything additional, including the cleaning of rooms not originally quoted needs to be arranged before the service with the office as additional fees will apply.  If the team is instructed to skip an area that is included in the flat rate, the rate will not be reduced.
  2. Recurring Client Skip Policy – If your recurring service is regularly skipped, we reserve the right to deny discounted flat rates as the discounts are established based on the consistency and frequency of service. I.e. If you signed up for a bi-weekly scheduled cleaning and you skip a cleaning, your next cleaning appointment will be billed at the monthly rate. If you are a monthly client and you skip 4 weeks, you will be billed at the initial cleaning rate on your next cleaning appointment.
  3. Cleaning Tasks Not Offered – Vapour Clean services offered do not include dishes, laundry, bedsheet changing, garbage removal, full wall washing, heavy grease removal, black mold removal, taking apart light fixtures, inside laundry machines, chandeliers, hoarding situations, heavy organizing, removing window screens, outdoor spaces/garages, heavy hard water scale removal, or heavy soap scum buildup removal unless the office is notified before booking (additional charge)
  4. Post-Renovation Cleaning – We do not offer post-renovations/construction cleaning (drywall dust, debris, paint splatters). If we arrive and are not able to clean our same-day cancellation will apply.
  5. Payment Options: For initial/deep cleaning or move-in cleaning services payments will be charged upon the completion of service to the credit card you provided at the time of booking. If you are a recurring client you may leave a cheque out on the counter made out to ‘Vapour Clean’ on your scheduled cleaning day, send an e-transfer to upon receiving the invoice, or by credit card that we have on file for you.  Please let our office know which payment option you prefer.
  6.  Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy – A minimum of 2 full business days’ notice (we are closed on the weekends and stat holidays) is required to cancel or reschedule your recurring cleaning appointment. Less than two full business days’ notice is considered a Late Cancellation and a Late Cancellation Fee of 50% of your scheduled service will apply. Same-day cancellations (anytime after the close of the business day prior) will be considered Lockouts. Lockouts will be billed at 100% of the scheduled service price. Re-scheduling will be subject to availability.
  7. Rate Changes: We reserve the right to evaluate rates at any time. In this event, our office will contact you in advance to discuss this.
  8. Health & Safety – Vapour Clean reserves the right to refuse service if a customer’s home poses a Health and Safety risk to our staff. The team does not and will not clean materials deemed bio-hazardous. Bio-hazardous materials include but are not limited to: human and/or animal blood, human and/or animal body fluids such as feces, vomit, and urine; pet litter boxes, black or toxic mold, bedbug or rodent activity, insect infestations, used contraceptives or hypodermic needles. To prevent back injury, we also ask that cleaning staff not be asked to move or lift heavy furniture unless they can be lifted with one hand while vacuuming. Our teams are only permitted to clean what they can reach with a two-step step ladder, and an extended pole duster. We ask that you pull out large kitchen appliances (fridge, oven) before the cleaning if you want us to clean behind them. Lastly, we ask that you refrain from smoking cigarettes or marijuana inside of the home when our cleaning staff is present.
  9. Workplace Harassment Policy – Vapour Clean is committed to providing a safe and respectful workplace environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, and any form of inappropriate conduct. Repeated, unwelcome, and aggressive behavior intended to intimidate, humiliate, or harm an individual emotionally will not be tolerated.
  10. Before Our Visit – To give you the greatest value possible, we ask you to take a few minutes before our visit to put away clothing, toys, and other personal items. If we can’t see your baseboards, we won’t be able to clean them.
  11. Arrival Times – Given the unpredictable nature of cleaning, we are unable to assure an exact arrival time, except for clients scheduled for the first spot of the day. For your convenience, we can offer you an estimated arrival window. However, please note that we reserve the right to arrive later than the estimated window due to circumstances beyond our control, such as inclement weather and traffic conditions. Our office will inform you in case such a situation arises.
  12. Parking – The client is responsible for ensuring that free parking is readily available for the Vapour Clean employee upon arrival at the client’s residence and for the entire duration of the services being provided.
  13. Additional Work – We are always pleased to assist you with your additional cleaning requests.  Simply contact us 48 hours before your next appointment so that we may schedule additional time to complete the extra tasks. Additional charges will apply.
  14. Quality Control – We want you to be consistently happy with our work, and for that reason, we want to keep tabs on how you feel we are doing.  For this reason, we send out a quick email survey after each cleaning service appointment. We monitor comments through this tool, as well as calculate quality scores for our teams. We are human, so at times we may make mistakes and miss things. Please notify us within 24 hours if, for any reason, you are displeased with the quality of the service you received, and we will return and fix it for you. In addition, we welcome any suggestions you may have to help us improve the quality of our house cleaning services. We do not offer refunds for services rendered.

Welcome to Vapour Clean, we look forward to a long and vibrant relationship with you!


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