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Questions to Ask Before Hiring A ‘Professional’ Cleaning Service.

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Question #1 – What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?

In order to the best value for your $$ wouldn’t you want to know if the ‘professional’ that you are planning to hire actually knows the difference between the two terms?
Are they following the correct cleaning and disinfecting protocol or are they skipping steps?
What are you actually paying for anyways, a complete clean and disinfect or just a quick spray and wipe?

The facts are that the CDC recommends that surfaces are to be cleaned first using water and detergents to remove grease and other dirt, then disinfecting using an EPA registered product with the correct dwell time to kill those pathogens. For example, when it comes to our hands (this applies to surfaces as well) not all germs and pathogens are the same size. The smaller the pathogen, the easier it is for it to become wedged within the cracks and creases of the hand. A hand sanitizer can kill or minimize the number of surface-level-pathogens on the hands, but not necessarily those embedded in the cracks. So what removes those embedded pathogens? Proper Hand Washing! Once the pathogens have been removed by washing with soap and water, a hand sanitizer can kill or minimize any germs or bacteria that may remain.

  1. First, use a cleaning solution to remove visible soil from the surface.
  2. Rinse the surface with fresh clean water, this helps remove residues. If you do not rinse, the residues will attract more soils. Where do you think soap scum comes from?
  3. Disinfect the surface using a registered disinfectant following the correct dwell times listed on the label.

Question #2 – Who is coming inside my home? Are your cleaners employees or are they third party contractors? 

A professional cleaning service with employees is going to provide a more consistent service. The employees have stable employment and are working full time for the business. They are also fully insured, bonded, and covered by WSIB. Accordingly, the staff that will be cleaning your home are more likely to be comprised of the same faces and people who are fully engaged in their job.

Furthermore, the staff who come into your home should have full training in health and safety, code of conduct, techniques, know the correct cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and the science behind it! You deserve more than just an individual that likes to clean homes for the satisfaction of doing so.

At Vapour Clean, we actually match our knowledgeable staff to our much loved clients. That means you will be getting your own professional that you can trust, knows your home, know your expectations and can deliver the same consistency every time. Maybe even become friends too! 🙂


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