What Makes Us Different – And Better

  1. Top Quality Products & Equipment
    We only use quality non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products with zero volatile organic compounds meaning they do not pollute your indoor air or our environment. Our medical –grade commercial vapour technology to eliminate the need for toxic chemical disinfectants. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter canister-style vacuums that removes 99.97% of dust particles from under beds and furniture, and reach every corner and bend. Colour-coded microfiber cloth protocol designates colours to specific tasks/areas of your business or home, reducing the spread of germs and increasing hygiene throughout.
  1. Providing Real Results
    Anyone can wipe a surface and say it is clean, but is it really? At Vapour Clean, our professionals follow the correct 2-step cleaning and disinfecting procedure each time. First we remove any soil, food debris, or other substances from the surface using non-toxic cleaning products. Then, we disinfect the surface using super heated residue-free vapour, which also kills 99.9% of germs on contact. 
  1. Exceptional Skills
    We are not just some ordinary Guelph maid service! Our highly trained cleaning professionals are dedicated to going above and beyond your expectations. We maintain rigorous standards to ensure every job is completed to its highest quality, paying close attention to detail. Because of our state-of-the-art commercial equipment (that you won’t find anywhere else) we are able to get into nooks, edges, and corners that other traditional cleaning services are not able to get into with cloth or sponge. Vapour Clean effectively tackles your toughest jobs, including removing dirt from the tiniest crevices in your window sills or door tracking; removing trapped urine underneath toilet bases where odours hide; eliminating calcium build-up around faucets and even blasting away years’ worth of severely stained hard water from your shower glass doors/tiles/tub.
  1. Professional Teamwork
    We have found that 2 person teams work best for on-going maintenance cleans and larger teams if you opt for an initial deep and detailed full home transformation. Teams usually clean 2 homes per day so they are fresh, focused and professional when they arrive at your home instead of feeling burnt out! Each team member is insured, bonded, fully trained and their performance is monitored on an ongoing basis.  We take pride in training our professionals well, pay them competitive wages and transport them with all the cleaning products and equipment.

Live Life With A Clean Piece of Mind

At Vapour Clean, we consistently clean and disinfect your home. We train our professional teams well,  monitor their performance, and provide a great workplace environment. We use the best tools and equipment available. We believe in best-practice customer service, healthy homes and creating a high value experience for every client.