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How To Deep Clean Dishwasher

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How to Deep Clean a Dishwasher to Remove Buildup & Odours 

When you think about kitchen appliances,  deep cleaning your dishwasher might not be the first thing that pops into your head. After all, its main job is washing dishes. But just like your other kitchen appliances, dishwashers need a bit of regular love and attention.

Here’s the deal: Every time you put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher, the door tends to get covered in pesky fingerprints. And if you peek inside, especially in the hidden corners and crannies, you’ll find tiny bits of food, greasy stuff, and soap scum. These things don’t just make your dishwasher look a bit yucky; they can also make it stink after a while. Curious why? Well, it’s because germs really like warm, moist, and dark places, and that’s what the inside of your dishwasher can be like!

Eliminating odours from your dishwasher is a straightforward task that doesn’t require frequent attention. A monthly cleaning will ensure your dishwasher stays in excellent condition and continues to smell fresh. Now, let’s discuss some methods to maintain your dishwasher’s appearance.

Step 1: How To Clean a Dishwasher’s Exterior Door

Start by wiping the outside of the door with warm, soapy water. This will help remove most of the smudges and dirt without any trouble. Avoid using abrasive or harsh cleansers and overly tough scouring pads, as these may scratch the dishwasher’s finish. After cleaning, use a soft cloth to wipe the door dry. For those stubborn water marks on stainless steel finishes, a small amount of rubbing alcohol or polish on a soft, dry microfiber cloth can do wonders. Gently wipe away these marks for a spotless finish.

Step 2: How To Clean a Dishwasher’s Inside Door

Open the dishwasher door to access its upper and side areas. Dip a small toothbrush in hot, soapy water, and gently scrub around the door. Be sure to pay attention to the grooves of the rubber seal and any other nooks and crannies, including the hinges. If you encounter stubborn buildup, you might need to use a gentle abrasive cleanser, but use it sparingly to avoid damaging the dishwasher’s surface. To remove the grime, use a household sponge dipped in hot, soapy water. After you’ve finished cleaning, wipe away any remaining cleaning solution with a clean, wet sponge to leave the door spotless.

Step 3: How To Deep Clean Dishwasher’s Base

Use a handful of paper towels to grab any debris from the base of the dishwasher. You will find most of the debris around the drain. Once the debris is removed, you’ll want to run a hot empty cycle to clean the dishwasher. When the cycle is done, wipe out the inside of the dishwasher with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 4: How to Clean Dishwasher Accessories & Parts 

Clean the dishwasher accessories and parts. Remove the racks and utensil holders from your dishwasher. Examine these accessories for any stuck-on food particles or debris, and wipe them off using a damp cloth or sponge. For the spray arm, use a soft brush or toothbrush to gently scrub and remove any clogs. This will ensure that water can flow freely for effective cleaning.

how to deep clean a dishwasher filter

Step 5: How to Deep Clean Dishwasher Filter

Pull out the bottom rack of your dishwasher. The filter is usually situated in one of the bottom corners at the back of the appliance. If your filter is removable, gently twist it to release it from the dishwasher. Rinse the filter under hot running water to remove any food particles and other debris that may have accumulated. Use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe out the area beneath the filter inside the dishwasher. After the area is clean, reinsert the clean dishwasher filter back into its original position.



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