Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you bonded and insured? Vapour Clean is a registered company that is fully insured for your protection while our teams are cleaning your home. We are bonded and carry both general liability insurance and WSIB.

Q: I am interested in hiring you for recurring cleaning. Do I need to sign a contract? No, we would prefer to earn your continued patronage based on our ability to meet your house cleaning service needs rather than on a contractual relationship.

Q: I’m currently using a professional maid service, but I’m considering switching. Would I need to schedule a deep initial cleaning with your service first? If your home is in good condition and you’ve had a professional house cleaning within the past month, then no, a deep cleaning with us isn’t necessary. Please get in touch with our office for an estimate based on factors like frequency of cleaning (monthly, bi-weekly, weekly), number of occupants, pets, and other details about your home.

Q: Do you do in-home quotes? If you’re in the Hamilton area, we can send someone to view your home in person. A $60.00 deposit is required to reserve our time, which can be sent to If you decide to proceed with booking, we’ll refund the deposit to you. For those outside of Hamilton, please use our online booking form for an estimate. The price is confirmed after a personal walkthrough of your home on the scheduled cleaning day, before any work begins.

Q: Are you pet-friendly? Yes, we are. All our house cleaning professionals feel comfortable being around furry companions.  All cleaning products used by Vapour Clean are completely safe for pets!

Q: Do I need to supply my vacuum or cleaning supplies? No. You are not required to provide any supplies, cleaning products, or a vacuum. Each Vapour Clean team member is equipped with professional-grade tools, eco-friendly cleaning products, and Dyson canister vacuums. We also provide 2-step stools and extended dusters for those hard-to-reach corners.

Q: Where is dry vapour sanitizing used, is it safe, and does it leave any residues or odours? Our insured dry vapour machine operators with over 13 years of experience use it inside your bathrooms on hard surfaces only. It will never be used on heat-sensitive surfaces such as marble, wood cabinets, hardwood flooring, or thin plastics. Dry vapour sanitizing is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. Only clean filtered water is used in our machines, leaving no residues or odours at all.

Q: I have delicate surfaces in my home, like quartz, hardwood floors, and stainless steel appliances. How do you handle these? With over 13 years of experience, you can be sure that we are very knowledgeable about these surfaces and bring the appropriate cleaning agents. At the time of booking, you are always asked if you have any of these special surfaces so our teams are aware before they arrive at your home.

Q: Does someone have to be home while the cleaning is taking place? You are not required to be home for a scheduled appointment. Depending upon your comfort, you can choose to be home during an appointment, to come and go, or not be home at all. Our recurring cleaning pros are prepared for all scenarios and are comfortable working with or without clients in their homes during appointments.

Q: Will I always have the same cleaning team cleaning my home? We know that you want to be familiar with who is in your home, so yes we will do our best to assign you to the same cleaning team. Changes are sometimes required to accommodate staffing changes such as when an employee has taken a vacation or calls in. Although certain staff may change from time to time, we maintain a high-quality service with consistency in our cleaning methods. 

Still have questions about our professional house cleaning services? Please call our office at 1-888-310-1232 or email us at so our team can answer them.