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Covid-19 Guidelines

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Here are some ways we help ensure a healthy environment for you and our team members every time we visit your home:

  • We have a strict policy requiring any staff member experiencing any cold or flu symptoms to stay home.
  • Our team members wear 3 ply disposable face masks and other personal protection equipment, such as disposable gloves.
  • Staff are provided antiviral hand sanitizer to use while in homes and while in cars between homes.
  • Our vacuums, attachments and other re-usable supplies are disinfected between clients.
  • Every client gets there own set of new microfiber cloths so germs are not spread from home to home. All you have to do is wash them in hot soapy water (do not use fabric softener as this creates streaks) and set them out for us to reuse on your next scheduled clean.
  •  We require you to wear a mask or face shield if you come into contact with our staff while we are inside your residence. This is in order to ensure we are providing our staff with the safest workplace possible.
  • Rest assured we will continue to utilize medical-grade disinfection techniques as we have in the past by using our super-heated 375F  vapour machines on surfaces listed on our services page.  We have also added another level of disinfection for all ‘high-touch’ non-porous surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, cabinet/drawer hardware, sink faucets, etc with a EPA registered disinfectant that is effective against the Coronavirus and has been approved under the EPA’s Emerging Viral Pathogen Guidance. Active ingredient being hydrogen peroxide, dwell time 3 minutes.


If you have questions about our Covid-19 guidelines please email us

Thank you,
Dana Gvoich

President and Founder of Vapour Clean


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