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Please follow the steps below to view instant online pricing and to book your custom recurring house cleaning service.

To start, enter your postal code located under ‘Instant Estimate & Booking’.

Depending on your needs and budget you have the option to book our full house premium package or essential package (kitchen, bathrooms, all floors) on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis. Yes, we have senior 65+ discounts.

Select your house cleaning package and choose your home’s overall square footage. This is how we scale the job and know how many house-cleaning pros to send.

Next, add your rooms. Don’t need your spare bedroom cleaned? Skip it! Have an additional kitchen in your basement that needs cleaning? Add it on.

Your recurring house cleaning service estimate is shown on the right-hand side of the page and includes HST. Please scroll down to view the full cleaning checklist to see what is included. After you are done selecting all the rooms you want cleaning in, select your desired date and time, and we will see you soon.

Do I need to book a deep home scrubbing first?

If your kitchen, bathrooms, and other living areas require moderate to heavy buildup removal, yes you will need to book our ultimate deep cleaning service before selecting one of our recurring packages. Customers usually select our deep cleaning option first if they have not received a professional house cleaning in more than 3 months OR have visible cobwebs, dust that you can write your name in, pet hair/dander, hard water scale/calcium buildup, mildew/soap scum buildup, or grime/grease buildup on their surfaces.

If your kitchen, bathrooms, and other living areas only require light buildup removal, please skip the deep cleaning service and select one of our two recurring packages. Recurring discounts are applied on your second cleaning appointment.

We kindly ask that you are honest about the current condition of your home. Inaccurate details will negatively impact your final cleaning results! By booking our house cleaning services you are agreeing to our terms of service.

Need help with booking a clean? Please call our office at 1-888-310-1232 and leave a voicemail.

Important Note: Our premium recurring house cleaning package will be available to book starting November 1, 2023. Thursday and Friday spots will be available. Thanks for your patience.