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To book, start by building your custom house cleaning service below.  Enter your postal code located under ‘Instant Estimate & Booking’ to see if we service your area.

Your house cleaning service estimate is shown on the right-hand side of the page and includes HST.  After you are done selecting all the rooms you want cleaning in, select your desired date and time, and we will see you soon.

All online prices are an accurate estimate based on the standard scope of work and include all required supplies. Depending on the size of the property we may send a team of 2 or more cleaners to your home.

Interested in recurring cleaning services? All first time clients will need to start with an initial cleaning. Extra time is required for removal of light to moderate buildup in your kitchen and bathrooms. Baseboards, window sills, and moldings will also be dry dusted to ensure we are starting off with a clean slate.  If your kitchen and bathrooms require heavy buildup removal, please upgrade to our deep cleaning option.

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