Hello! Welcome to Vapour Clean. Perhaps you are here because you care about the cleanliness of your Guelph, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville area home? How about for the health and well-being of your family? Maybe you don’t want to come home to a second job cleaning when you’d rather spend your precious time doing other things that you actually enjoy. Whatever your reason may be, our house cleaning service professionals are here to help!



Nowadays, house cleaning is mostly accomplished by the use of cleaning products containing toxic chemicals that leave behind fumes and residues. The chemicals are fast and effective but not very good for your health. The manufacturers know it and so do the consumers. No sane person would drink that blue liquid to clean glass. Yet every day it is sprayed in the air and inhaled as it falls and remains on the floor.

Unfortunately, secret cleaning concoctions made of natural ingredients such as lemon or baking soda, are just not as effective when used alone and again everyone knows it. 

Furthermore, smearing around dirt and germs with a mop and bucket or rag ringing just adds to the cleaning problem.


Vapour Clean is Ontario’s first professional house cleaning service,
that uses eco-friendly cleaning methods with hospital-grade vapour technology to thoroughly clean and disinfect your home.

Our highly trained and friendly house cleaning professionals use a combination of high quality cleaning products, scientifically-backed technology that eliminates the use of toxic surface disinfectants, professional cleaning equipment and tools that actually pick up dirt rather than spreading it around,
and the correct colour-coded microfiber cloth cleaning protocol every time we visit your home!


At Vapour Clean, we believe quality is the upmost importance! We have spent 10 years perfecting our house cleaning services so every client can sit back and be at peace with knowing we always deliver the same results. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!


Our house cleaning method is 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly. All our house cleaning professionals are equipped with their own cleaning caddy which consists of high quality cleaning products, brand new non-abrasive sponges, brushes, and microfiber cloths used in your home only.


Got a hectic schedule? Even if you have a schedule that changes weekly, you will get a house cleaning service that works best for you. Customize your cleaning and create your own flexible schedule through our online booking tool. It’s that easy!  



One-Time House Cleaning Services

Whether your busy schedule has derailed your house cleaning routine or you just need some extra help with build up and grime, our one time deep cleaning services can get things back on track. 

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Recurring House Cleaning Services

Bi-weekly house cleaning is our most popular option. No matter how busy you get, you will always have a fresh, clean and comfortable home. Monthly house cleaning services also available. 

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Move-In House Cleaning Services

Are you moving into a new home? Let’s give your new place a thorough house cleaning first! Feel better knowing someone else’s dirt and germs are completely eliminated.

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"I am very sensitive to chemicals, and my husband has allergies. Since Vapour Clean has been cleaning our home, we both feel physically better. I am also happy that no chemicals are on my surfaces, and aren't going down the drain. There is also no bags of paper towels in the trash. It makes me feel good to know the home in which I live is cleaner without effecting the environment. I would recommend Vapour Clean to everyone!"

– Rose, Guelph

"I hired Vapour Clean to do a deep cleaning of our new home. They did such a thorough job, were on time and extremely professional during their time in our home. I liked their service so much that I hired them for monthly cleaning. I am excited for my next clean! Thank you Dana."

– Steph Russo, Hamilton

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